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SPEAR provides military veterans, through sports, Physiological, Psychological, and Socio-Emotional treatment methods, which promote positive mitigating effects on Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).

Going Beyond Addressing Mental Health Concerns

As the United States faces two decades of continuous war, media and individuals with personal military connections have raised public and professional concerns for the mental health of veterans and service members. PTSD and depression are the most publicized mental health challenges facing veteran service members. Still, other issues like suicide, traumatic brain injury (TBI), substance abuse, and interpersonal violence can also be equally harmful. There is no specified timeline for the presentation of these mental health concerns. Still, there are particularly stressful times for individuals and families, such as in close proximity to combat or when separating from active military service. Current U.S. Census reports estimate roughly 18 million veterans and 2.1 million active-duty and reserve service members. Since September 11, 2001, there have been 2.8 million active-duty American military personnel deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond, leading to increasing numbers of combat veterans amongst the population. Understanding military service and its relation to a veteran's physical and mental health can help provide solutions or interventions to improve their quality of care and potentially create positive outcomes.[1]


SPEAR PTS was founded to create progressive, transformative changes in Veterans' and Servicemembers' life management and the ability to cope with mental and behavioral health difficulties. Understanding the complex and demanding environment and nature of work that military members perform or experience is at the forefront of our organization's mission, ensuring they have the requisite adaptive skills, strategies, and training to withstand the potentially challenging and maladaptive residuals of the profession of arms.


SPEAR goes beyond addressing mental health concerns. SPEAR seeks to improve human performance through improving adaptive skills and ecological settings to ensure positive outcomes.


We aim to facilitate change in our military members with mental and behavioral health challenges, eliciting positive social interactions and integration across family, work, educational, recreational, and community settings.


[1] Veteran and Military Mental Health Issues - PubMed. (2023, January 1). PubMed.


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