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Chief of Government & Military Affairs

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Daniel E. Harris serves as the Chief of Government & Military Affairs for SPEAR. He is an U. S. Army Veteran and author with experience driving leadership, directing, and providing oversight, drawing on warfighter experiences, and creating sustainable strategies and analysis with a focus on process improvements. Dan manages local, state, and federal relationships that benefit SPEAR programs and policies.


Dan is also an adjunct professor teaching graduate-level business courses for the Masters of Science degree in Organizational Leadership at Mercy College. He has led diverse organizations and teams to accomplish organizational goals. He has leadership development expertise in talent management with a focus on identifying and nurturing leadership potential to posture and accelerate managers to work in executive level roles. He has strategic level experience from working at the DoD and can leverage experiential learning solutions through teaching, coaching and mentoring leaders to perform at their best to achieve lasting impact on people and organizations.


LTC (Ret) Harris has developed learning solutions based on learning theory and was responsible for implementing, and delivering leadership development strategies, performance management, and onboarding officers and NCOs in multiple army organizations. He has directed and was responsible for the leadership programs for his staff as well as service members from both foreign and U.S. military with responsibility to measure the learning, the impact of the program and leadership strategy.


Harris is a proven leader with the ability to identify, develop and leverage junior leaders’ strengths and cross-level competencies to capitalize on individual experiences and motivate teams, as well as to focus and execute the strategic vision to achieve his unit organizational goals in both the Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside Continental United States (OCONUS).


He is the author of the recent book, On Guard: The Four Pillars of Leadership which was published on Amazon October 29, 2020.

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