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Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

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Michele DiGeso serves as the Chief Science Officer of SPEAR. As Chief Science Officer, Michele is responsible for envisioning and developing research capabilities (human, methodological, and technological) for developing evidence of the validity and utility of SPEAR programs, and for communicating with the scientific and veteran communities concerning SPEAR capabilities and scientific offerings.


Michele is a sports performance and psychological professional with years of experience working with youth, collegiate, and professional athletes. Michele is also a highly decorated US Army Warrant Officer with over 25 years of service as a technical expert, combat leader, trainer, and advisor. His focus areas are performance psychology, behavioral management, mental health, and trauma-informed progressive development. Michele has created several innovative interdisciplinary programs encompassing kinesiology, psychology, athletic performance, therapeutic rehabilitation, and leadership.

Michele possesses immense physical and psychological performance knowledge and approaches his craft through meaningful engagement and cutting-edge science-based practices. Specializing in high-performance and multi-directional conditioning, Michele incorporates learning theory and positive and change psychology into his program design.

As a military veteran, he is passionate about assisting veterans through integrative programs encompassing sports, human performance, and mental health. Michele's rehabilitation from a traumatic injury in Iraq in 2004 led him to appreciate the significance of health and mental fitness. His personal experiences and education have inspired him to create the SPEAR program.

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